Where's The Game Controllers... Apple TV announcement?

I assumed Apple would release game controllers on the same day as iOS 7 but alas I'm left wanting. There's a few possible scenarios: they release them the same day as the iPhones or it's in conjunction with the iPads. At the iPad event they could announce an Apple TV with games and controller support. I think I remember Tim Cook saying there was something new coming this fall (not referring to iterative updates which I don't think this Apple TV would qualify).

A little off topic but I really think Xbox and Playstation have a lot to fear with the potential of Apple TV, Steam, and Oculus Rift. If these things are announced before those two are released it will give a lot of people pause before departing with their $400 to $500. Obviously the Apple TV would only play casual plus classic games which wouldn't affect the hardcore gamers but the Steam Box could target them.

The Apple TV at $100 plus super cheap games is very enticing. Enticing enough to attract more developers interesting in taking advantage of that controller. They may want to port games previously on consoles. Apple has a restriction that the games also have to be just as playable with the touch screen, but developers could get creative there.

It doesn't seem like Oculus is ready to announce anything but if they could set a price and release date before the two heavyweights go on sale, it might make gamers think twice about extending the longevity of their current systems. The new ones arguably only bring better graphics to the table or people could talk themselves into believing that. I think people crave something really new and potentially game changing which Sony and Microsoft arguably missed the boat on.