What specific things do you dislike about iOS 7?

Now that it's out of beta and we have all had the opportunity to see and experienced iOS 7, what would you change? Not looking for sweeping criticisms like battery life issues or the fact that generally doesn't run well on your older device, rather looking for specific, however minor, things you think could be improved or should not have been changed. Trying for a constructive conversation about weaknesses or negative changes in iOS 7.

Notifications: There doesn't seem to be a way to dismiss a notification (like a text or facebook/twitter notification) on the lock panel without opening up the notification's source app. For example, I often just want to dismiss a notification about some stupid fb comment that I get; NOT have it open up the stupid fb app for me to bask in whatever it is i dont care about.

Navigation: I don't think navigating menus in iOS 7 has been improved by the replacement of clear and obvious buttons with words. Sometimes it looks cramped. (For example, go to the menu and Notification Center settings. Look how there is
Reception Indicator: I really don't understand why they changed the reception indicator. Sometimes I think they just decided to change something that worked fine simply so they could say it was changed. If it were left the way it is, then nobody would've remarked on it one way or the other, it wouldn't've been given a second's thought. Instead, they decided to make it worse. The only time anyone reallly cares about their reception is when it's not working at all. I never really care if I have 2, 3, 4, or 5 "bars" or "dots" now, nor does anyone else I would bet. Now these dots are staring me in the face, making their specific # of reception super obvious and taking up space when it's just simply unnecessary. It sucks because after changing it now, changing it BACK would itself cause a mini-controversy Apple would rather avoid because backtracking on a change is always pointed out and ridiculed.

I don't know about the iPod music player, but when using the Spotify app, whenever I use my earPods and try to change the volume, the app immediately crashes. (Could possibly be Spotify's app, not Apple's error.)

The colors are okay, even beautiful like many are saying at times and definitely adds some aesthetic value, except for when they clash. When that happens they look very bad. Not a fan of the red badge style, very 'primary' red that almost always clashes with the blue or greens that are common in key icons now.

I think it's a very real possibility that Apple employees or even the company in some official capacity tries to measure the response and conversation to some extent about their products on popular websites and forums on the internet. I think constructive criticism like this is essential and hope it can lead to further improvements.