Tempted to switch from Nexus 4 to iPhone 5S. Here's my pros only list.

I’m tempted to switch to the iPhone 5S from my Nexus 4. The biggest deterrents are a) the weird thin/long screen size of the iPhone 5S, b) Nexus 5 coming soon and c) KitKat should be coming soon, too.

Below is my pros only (mostly) list for STOCK Android/Nexus 4 and iOS/iPhone. Trying to focus weight on the things I love. Here’s a general idea of where I stand:

(Ignore Windows Phone 7/8 and all other mobile OS’s/devices)

Reasons I love Android (Stock)

  • Flexibility. I have choice. If I want a big screen, Android supports it. If I want a small screen, Android supports it. I can natively mount the SD storage (physical or virtual) and have read/write access without and special software required which count for MAJOR points in the convenience/ease-of-use department.)
  • Interface. The overall interface of Android (ICS and later) I like better than iOS 6/7. App switching is still better than iOS. Notifications are definitely still better than iOS. Using Android has overall been a much more fluid experience for me. The interface in iOS 7 has been slowed down with silly animations (similar to WP7/8) and the cuteness factor wears off quick and becomes more frustrating than anything else.
  • Functionality. Android in my eyes has always held a major advantage over iOS and it’s general functionality. Something as simple as adding a contact, I’m given an option to select which account I’d like to add that contact to, be it my Gmail account or my Exchange account. iOS 7 STILL doesn’t ask you what you’d like to create a new contact under. The ability to change default applications is a MAJOR boon to Android. I’d love to replace Safari with Chrome. I don’t use it on any of my iOS devices or my MBP.
  • iTunes. I HATE iTunes that much. Some of the more advanced things I’d like to do with my iPhone would require using that POS.
  • Deeper API access to 3rd party devs is there allowing better app to app integration. This may be different in iOS 7. Definitely not in iOS 6. This too, is a MAJOR boon for Android. I absolutely love the app to app communication.

Reasons I love iPhone & iOS

  • Hardware. NOTHING (save for the HTC One) comes close to the hardware build quality of an iPhone. Period.
  • Very tight integration with all core applications and they’re well thought out and implemented. I’d have a better experience with a stock iPhone than a stock Nexus 4.
  • Backups. One of the most important aspects to me is having a useful backup of my data. iOS can easily be configured to backup ALL my important data to iCloud or iTunes including SMS messages and application data. Google has failed to implement anything close to that in 8 major iterations of stock Android. Two of the most important things are not backed up by Google; SMS and application data and at current, the only way to achieve this relatively conveniently is by rooting the device. (BTW, if I couldn’t root my Android, I’d probably use an iPhone solely on the grounds that an appropriate backup couldn’t otherwise be achieved.)
  • Save for a couple of ugly or simply wrong icons like the stove burner settings, newsstand icon (which looks like I made it in mspaint,) and voice memos, the interface is very pretty. It seems to come at the expense of functionality, though. Absolutely LOVE the unlimited app drawers now though.
  • App quality. The absolute finest mobile apps are on iOS. In the past few months, I’ve noticed Android garnering more support from developers, but in most cases, applications have better shined on my iPhone. Sadly, even Google has released updated apps for iOS before they did for Android recently.
  • Facetime. Google video services have consistently sucked. Skype is hit or miss. Facetime is mostly an absolute pleasure to use. Also, the rest of my folks all use an iPhone. It’s just easier going with the crowd sometimes.
  • Camera. OMG, I can’t believe I took so long to point this one out. The iPhone camera is by far the best camera I’ve used on a mobile device. A potato would put the Nexus 4 camera to shame, and the Galaxy S4 (which I’d never use) takes pretty good shots, but even going back to my iPhone S4, the photos are beautiful. I think it’s safe to bet the iPhone 5S’ shots will be even more amazing!
  • Biometrics. This is just a bonus. I’m interested to see how accurate and fast the biometric scanner in the iPhone 5S is. I don’t care much for it, but it could possibly be one of those things that make you wonder how the hell you got along without it. At current, I reserve the opinion that pressing 4 buttons isn’t really inconvenient at all.

Final words
Cearly the list for iPhone is longer, but the reasons I love Android outweigh my love for iOS. Also and again, these bullet points are just some of the things that come to mind that I love. I didn’t’ take time to include the things I hate about each as there are many for each. I remain undecided.

What do you think?