Retro Runners, a different endless runner (by Countryside Games)

Hi, my name is Arthur and I'm from Countryside Games, a new Independent game studio, in Brazil.

We made our first game, "Retro Runners", an different endless runner, with voxel style and inpirated on 80's runners!

Our game counts with more than 10 characters, each one with diferent skills, like the zombie, who eats the oponents to refresh hes energy, lots of diferent obstacles, missions, game services features(for android), with ranking, trophies and other features that differentiate from other endless-runner games, like Subway Surfers and others Temple Run clones.

The game is free, but you can buy characters and lives, to get far.





The game is avaliable for android, ios and blackberry z10/z30.

Android link:

iOS link:

Blackberry Z10 link:

Thanks very much, (and sorry about my bad english).

Arthur Ciappina

Countryside Games

For more information, contact us.