Keep Your Verizon Unlimited Data Plan for $10 a month

I know there are a bunch of people out there who have had upgrades on Verizon for years now and continue to buy their phones outright in order to keep their unlimited data. I work at a big box retailer and sell phones and I found a nice loophole for people who have unlimited data and would like to get a new phone for the subsidized price. I assume this has been detailed before, but I figured with the new iPhones launching, it might be a good time to break it down for people. Because Verizon offers buddy upgrades, this loophole is possible. Essentially all you need is a line on your account that doesn't have unlimited data and you're golden. There are three scenarios you could be in if you still have unlimited data.

*Disclaimer* I don't know if a corporate Verizon store will let you do this so I recommend going to a third party like Walmart, Target, or Best Buy in order to guarantee you get it done right.

1. You are the only person on your account

In this scenario, you are the sole person on your account and you have unlimited data. The only way you can get by it is to add a line to your account. If you have unlimited, then you are on the old nationwide plans and you can add a line for $10 a month (You will have to change your plan to a family plan which may cost more depending on how many minutes you currently pay for). The way to make it the cheapest is to get a basic phone (It doesn't even have to work). All you have to do is upgrade that line you just added to the phone you want. When its done, activate the old basic phone and the new phone you just added to your account becomes a phone you own. Then just activate that new phone on your line. It is the same concept as buying a phone on craigslist. Then you're done. You have a second line thats only costing you $10 a month. When you upgrade in the future, you can donate the upgrade on your line to that new line and repeat the process. You will get an extra upgrade and keep your unlimited until Verizon finds a way to block it.

2. You are on a family plan and everyone on that account has unlimited data

This one has two options. You can either add another line for $10 a month and repeat the same process as listed above(Which I recommend because then everyone keeps their unlimited) or you can pick one of the lines that doesn't need unlimited and donate your upgrade to that line. That line will lose unlimited, but once you pull the new phone off and put theirs back on, you can activate the new one on your line and you can keep using your unlimited. From then on out, simply give the upgrades on the lines that have unlimited to the one line that now doesn't. Upgrade to the phone you want, and swap the devices.

3. You are on a family plan and someone on the account doesn't have unlimited data

The third and final scenario is the easiest to perform and also the one that doesn't cost any extra to you. Donate your upgrade to that line without unlimited data, and once it is activated put the old phone back on that line. Then take the new phone and activate it under your line and enjoy your unlimited data.

I hope this can help at least a few people out there. I know I offer this to every customer I meet that still has unlimited. For $10 extra a month, it is hard to beat considering you get two upgrades for yourself now and you get to keep your unlimited data. I tried to explain it the best I can and I think it makes sense, but If you have any questions, or are confused about anything I wrote, I'll answer in the comments.