I'm not sure what to think of iOS 7

So I have owned iOS devices since the 3G came out. I went through a storm of updates up to iOS7 and was satisfied with what they offered. Since iOS 7 released yesterday, I've been playing around with it on my Iphone 4(yes I don't have the most up to date phone), and I can't make up my mind whether I hate it or love it.

The most frustrating thing about the new update was manually applying it to my phone. It took forever, and I had to sync it(which took even longer) several times before all my apps and music were correctly added. I had the same problem with iOS6 and its update process; extremely stressful.

So now I have it. Both my iphone and Ipad are sporting this pretty yet strange looking operating system and they work great. I like the new look, despite the overly bright colors and flat designs. Apps snap and flow into place with new animations, it feels tight and responsive.

I like the new control center, the responsiveness of the camera app, even the new looks of some apps like twitter.

Anyways, maybe it isn't the software and it's probably just how they go about updating their devices. I'm tired of running into problems every time I try something with Apple. What do ya'll think? Do you feel the same way or what did you really like about OS7?