Is 4G worth it in the UK just yet?

Hi guys

Ok i'm currently coming up to the (official) end of my contract in 3 months, BUT i because on Orange(UK) i can get a phone 3 months 'early' it means that if i stick with Orange i can choose a new phone at the end of this month.

Well, a new phone isn't my only consideration to factor into my decision. Currently i'm on a Panther 31(a 3G tariff) on Orange, and as many of you know Orange and T-mob are now 4GEE. Soooo, if i wait 3 months and choose to go 4G i could change from Orange to 4GEE, which would mean that i would have to choose a new 4G contract.

But is 4G worth it?

Here in the north west(UK) it's available in my area but there are a lots of missing areas too, and i've not seen any reviews of what it's like in this area. So i don't want to sign up to a contract only to find that it's slow and as bad as 2100mhz 3G is in commercial buildings.

Because Orange and t-mobile 3G work on the 2100mhz band and 2G works on 1800, this means that there are many many many times when the signal is non-existent in buildings to due the higher frequencies being crap at penetrating buildings and hilly areas, despite the coverage map showing good coverage in the area. It's very frustrating.

4GEE has mostly 2600mhz but some 900mhz (but the 900 band hasn't been realised yet).

So what's your real work experience of it like in the UK?