Thoughts on responses to iOS7

So now that its publicly available, some of the people in my life are getting it and making comments and having discussion about it.

I am getting a lot of "its weird, like just in a different way", and when I probe for some specific examples of positive changes, the responses are rather interesting.

The one that is coming up the most is dynamic animations. For example, the home screen icons falling into view as well as "exploding" into the app when selected.

Another is carousel multitasking, and the swiping gesture to exit apps instead of having an X graphic.

So why do I post this here in the tribe? Because this is exactly the kind of stuff WP8 and Win8 have had for the past year. Tiles flipping when launching an app, gesture from the top to the bottom to close them, parralaxing text, etc.

When I stated "some of the other platforms have had stuff like that for awhile now", I actually got the response of "yeah but I dont really care about that".

Its not in me to try and start a pissing contest out of our choice in devices, but this is exactly the kind of consumer behavior that drives appetite for consumption towards a certain brand for someone. Blind loyalty. Then after reading the Federighi and Cook interview today where they state that their competitors dont provide them any inspiration, kinda gets me pissed off.

Cant wait for people starting to say that MS copied iOS7 with Windows 8.