Chevy and an elephant cyborg made a baby


I'm getting frustrated here. I need a new computer and do not want to get a Mac. But I'm having a hard time finding a stylish and slim PC that will serve my purposes. It seems if I want stylish and slim, it lacks in hardware; if I opt for the performance and hardware, it looks like Chevy and an elephant cyborg made a baby.

I don't like the aesthetics of Macbook Pro (so sick of the silver and white...) and everybody in the design world has one - I'd like to have my own look, please. I also HATE the OS. And I HATE that things like ports and drives are annoying add-ons. Lotsa Hate.

I do graphic design and often open up multi-hundred MB photoshop files which slaughter my RAM, and need a fast hard drive to deal with opening those files quickly. I do photography as well, so a built-in SD card reader is also a must. I don't do 3D, but I do have multiple monitors, so graphics card just needs to handle that. I do a lot of travel, so I'd like to keep things 6.5lb or less.

Windows 7 or 8, touch screen or not, are all fine.

What I'm looking for:

- 16G DDR 1600mghz
- 512G SSD
- 1920 x 1080 or higher resolution
- 15.6" screen
- built-in optical drive
- built in SD card reader
- 3 or more USB ports

Sony, ASUS, Vizio, and Samsung all make nice-looking laptops under 5lb... but none of them have the specs I want. (Sony comes close) It has to hold up, stylistically, in a room of other designers. Most of the gaming laptops look weird (I don't put neon underlighting on my car or computer, thank you). The Razer Blade comes really close to being a great choice for me, except it also doesn't have the right specs - RAM and resolution are too low.

Any advice??