Advices to a beginner

Hello there,

I am coming here to get some insights in how to enter the world of photography and how to master my camera. I had a Panasonic TZ-5 for a good long 4 years and it was really enough for me. All I had to do was turn that auto-mode and it was great.

Going to Argentina at the end of the month and always interested in photography I took the occasion to get another camera. The Fujifilm X-20. One might say it's overkill others it's not enough.I just fell in love with the camera, It's retro look, optical viewfinder, I know I will take everywhere.

Now all I want is to try to best it, I obviously need training and experience, but if you have good reads or a path I need to follow it would be very welcome.

I know a little about exposure (aperture, shutter speed and ISO) and how they are all linked, but if you have something you already experienced in the past, and some knowledge about shooting the kind of landscapes I will encounter in Argentina (Waterfalls, deserts...). Every bit of advises are welcome.

And who knows, I might end up posting in the weekly critic thread.