Chromebooks: The advertisement company that couldn't advertise

Now let me begin by saying this first, this is a post, as the title states, about Chromebooks and how they are advertised. This post is by no means a post trying to justify Chromebooks, nor is it trying to insult Chromebooks. In other words, this whole first paragraph is an attempt to try to stop the "Chromebook are terrible vs Chromebooks are amazing" arguments so often found on anything semi related to the topic of Chromebooks.


I'm sure that a good many of you have probably seen this ad, maybe on YouTube, maybe on TV, or anywhere really. These "For Everyone" Ads have basically been Google's main attempt at advertising the Chromebooks, if not, then the only attempt.

Now, I think we can all agree these ads are horrific, but If you are so delusional as to think otherwise let me first explain why they are so dreadful.

For one, Chromebooks are still a ways off from being "FOR EVERYONE", and I'm sure this is at least one thing we can all agree upon, but this is the main point, and rallying call of Google's ads for the Chromebook line.

Secondly, aside from cost, these ads, especially this one in particular, shows little to none of the advantages of the ChromeOS, they show none of the features that the normal everyday consumer would actually go for.

Now, these commercials, despite getting the name "Chromebook" out there, are actually going to/ are hurting Chromebooks far more than they are actually helping. Let me explain. Chromebooks are already a product that, for most people, isn't easy to understand, between the plethora of misconceptions about what they OS can and can't do, and the age of the product, so many people just don't know what Chromebooks are for, and what they can do, much less whether or not they're for everyone. This ad just leads to more confusion. If you take Google's word for it you may very well end up feeling cheated or ripped off as soon as you find out you can't play minecraft on your new $249 machine.

Who would think that one of the biggest advertising companies on the face of the earth, couldn't advertise?

Of course this might have been Google's plan all along, fooling consumers into thinking that Chromebooks are just like their windows machines that they own now. This is just bad business though, and needs to change soon if they ever want their product to catch on.

Now by no means do I expect a company to tell the masses how limited their own products are, but I think Google would be far better off dropping the obnoxious "FOR EVERYONE" catchphrase and actually show its target audience the advantages of such a device. Tell the consumer why it is secure, tell the consumer why it is simple, tell the consumer why it is quick, explain cloud storage, why they can be disposable, and how they can essentially make your life easier. Maybe even take a play from apple's playbook and do something similar to the playful "I'm a mac" ads.

My point is, instead of intending to mislead your consumers and in turn give your product a bad name, show consumers why the product in question is worth buying, show them how they make life easier, instead of shoving "FOR EVERYONE" down their throats.

Sincerely: A Chromebook owner.