Does the Moto X really feel that much better in the hand than the Nexus 4?

I've been enjoying a Nexus 4 since launch and truly love the Android experience.

However, I find it sometimes cumbersome manipulating with one hand. Reaching the top left corner with a thumb or just the left side of the screen is janky and sometimes results in unintended responses.

I attributed it to 4.7" being slightly to large. I remember how good the Nexus S felt in the hand. 4" seemed like the sweet spot, and has had me eying up the iPhone as a result. I think somewhere in between would still be fine, a 4.3" screen with small bezels and an ergonomic shape would be great.

Everyone is raving about the ergonomics of the Moto X, which till retains the 4.7" display. I question just how much difference smaller bezels and a rounded back can make - perhaps it's a lot.

Those who have held both devices - what are your thoughts?