Touch screen ultrabooks are a dream

I've just got the Samsung Series 5 Ultratouch, and boy, not only is the design nice, light and thin, the touch screen is a huge bonus.

The inclusion of the touch screen is great on devices which have a good hinge mechanism - if my Envy M6 had a touch screen it would have been useless. Here, the screen is rigid, meaning touching the screen doesn't cause the entire thing to wobble, move or creak.

Secondly, if the device is thin and light, and also not 15.6" inches, you can pop the laptop in almost any position or angel - but unlike most tablet designs, you can easily use the touch screen and keyboard in any position.

Touch in this form factor is an added bonus - but I find myself using it more and more. After a week, using touch input on a laptop is starting to become second nature whereby tapping, scrolling and swiping is quicker than using a trackpad.

I highly doubt i'd buy another ultrabook without a touch screen. I see the attractiveness of ultrabooks now too, and even more so, the attractiveness of Windows 8.

Personally, it seems Windows 8 is at home on an touch ultrabook, at least for now.

*The Series 5 is actually a great laptop. It's my first Samsung (previously had mainly HP/Vaio) and the build quality is superb. The keyboard is fantastic too. [Even friends and collogues who opt for Macs are saying how well put together it is, especially considering it's way less than half the price of their devices).