University Decisions

So I graduated from High School in march of this year, most of my friends started applying to university last year but I didn't as I wasn't really sure which direction I wanted to go. I've spent the past 4 months working at an E-Commerce solutions company as a BizDev admin, learning about the tech and business world and I've finally decided what I want to do. Thing is it's a little late. I wanted to go to the City University of Hong Kong and do a Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Systems with a minor in Film Production, however the intake for Hong Kong is only in September of 2014. Meaning I'll have to wait an entire year before going to university and I'm pretty confused cause I think that's a little late. What did you guys do / plan on doing and do you think spending a year waiting (probably learning code or doing other internships) would be a waste?

To provide some backstory, I live in Indonesia, Will be turning 18 next month and graduated with an average of 88% following the course of (but not taking) the IB Diploma Programme.