How much do you care about phone's appearance ?

Generally whenever I asked anyone which phone to get , Answer is obvious , iPhone 5 or One (around 4 months back)

When I ask "why ?" , The usual reply typically consists of describing appearance and how "cool" it feels in hand etc.

Being a Galaxy S4 Owner (and also ex-Lumia 820 owner) , some of the things take me into surprising state (btw , I always use a case for my device)

For example , I see shattered or dented phones once in a while , un-surprising they are either iPhone 4's or 4S's.

However I never saw iPhone 5's or One's with dents or shatters but whenever I look at these devices under sunlight , I see so many scratches on back as well as on side.

I see One's with gap issues (camera pink tints or some defects) while black iPhone 5's have their edges chipped little bit (when carefully observed) , silver iPhone 5's under bright light have full of scratches on back.

People care so much about appearance of these devices and buy them for the awesome designs but yet most of them are with so many horrible scratches/dents , Isn't it ironic ?

If we use a case , then there is no point of buying a "stylish" phone.