What iOS games do you want for an Apple TV with games?

This is a continuation of an earlier thread I started but a different topic:


If Apple makes an Apple TV with game controller support, I'd really like to play Afterburner. It's a flight game from the 80s where you fly an F14 into an onslaught of targets trying to shoot you down. They've already released an updated version for iOS but the controlls are difficult on the touch screen.

I'd also like the Street Fighter games, however, it's difficult to play that on the game controllers. It really needs a joystick.

The first person shooters will get a kick start of intrest. The Modern Combat series has great graphics for a $6 game. I played through the fourth in the series, but got tired of playing through the fifth due to holding that big iPad in my lap and trying to move around. I'd assume Gameloft will update these with controller support.

I've downloaded but haven't finished any of the GTA games. It's too difficult to control the driving from the screen IMO.

To my knowledge, Apple didn't include a motion sensor in the controller API. This could've allowed developers to expand their game design options, but I digress.

What games do you want and why?