Apple has entered the spec wars.

The iPhone 5S isn’t just supposed to be “the most amazing iPhone yet.” It’s not “the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever.” No, Apple says the 5S is “the most forward-thinking iPhone yet” and “the best smartphone in the world.”

But the screen didn't get bigger, and the design hasn’t changed. Apple’s mid-cycle S updates are always about the little things: faster internals, a better camera, more memory. But this year little things have turned into big things: there’s upgraded 64-bit A7 processor and a hidden fingerprint reader, a better camera and a much-improved new flash. Add those to the new, wholly redesigned iOS 7 software, and Apple believes it has a phone that’s much more than just a refresh. For $199 plus a two-year contract, the 5S is Apple at its swaggering best, believing it can win the spec-sheet arms race while still offering a device anyone and everyone can use.

But can better specs really make a better phone, despite what Apple's told us all these years? Is this forward-thinking phone the right phone for right now?