Verge editors are addicted to News.

its a joke tony.. its just a joke?

It's quite easy to see - TheVerge editors really really like news. The above image is a spoof of a post TheVerge has repeated a few times in the realm of social media, around the time of breaking news stories and announcements, Verge editors asked their general subscribers "Are you gonna read our news?", and just today repeated with "Did you like our news?".

I've been following TheVerge for near two years now, and I've seen a plentiful amount of good articles about a very wide variety of technology. One very significant thing I've noticed is their tendency to report every single news event ever in a massive way, with dozens of articles that could easily be compressed into one super story -- such articles really would be compressed into one if it were any other publication. Take this past news cycle for example, if I use the handy search tool on the top right, I find that over twenty articles directly related or centered around the technology, technology culture, and culture culture have been written in the past few days. If I continue to count, there have been at least forty articles just this past week, if not more!

Now, I'm almost certain the moment I post this I'll quickly see a retort from a disgruntled Verge fan informing me that I don't run this site, and if I don't like that they publish, I should leave. I recognize that Verge editors will write about whatever is relevant, I simply wish to state that I believe I'm not the only Verge fan that would appreciate this type of coverage for many other topics other than news, like the state and whereabouts of Paul Miller.

P.S. - I'd like to use the following article to support this post's title.