Google Wallet's Update Has Made it a Real Wallet

The Wallet update did a few important things.

New Design with Slide Bar and Cards UI

It just organizes everything so logically (and easier to discover) with the slide bar and cards UI makes everything look beautiful.

Support for Any Carrier

Tap to pay doesn't work on every carrier, but at least some important features work. It's much better than having nothing.

Sending Money via Email

A lot of mobile payment apps like Paypal do this and it's an obvious feature that's finally here. In lieu of NFC payments, sending money to friends is now possible, no carriers involved.

Loyalty Cards and Offers Seamlessly Integrated

Apple took this approach with Passbook and now Wallet has the same loyalty card features and it's great being able to scan anything with a bar code. It should reduce the number of cards in my physical wallet. And since Offers are integrated in the slidebar, they've become so easy to discover and keep in one place.

The addition of all these features will ensure Wallet gets wider adoption and now it can finally serve as a wallet replacement for everything but in store payment, which is where every other service is at now. But with more adoption, it opens the door for Google to have more leverage to get retail stores to support whatever new payment method Google has in store.