Anyone using iOS 7 on iPod Touch 5G? Is it worth buying at this point?


I want an iOS 7-capable device at relatively low price possible. I'm an Android user, but my intention with iOS is for using apps and games for reviewing on various sites. As you can guess, I need an iOS device to test iOS apps. And I don't really want to get an expensive iPhone 5S at this point (not 5C either, that's not cheap anyway.).

So my question is, is iPod Touch 5G worth purchasing? I mean, I'm totally cool not being able to call or connect to 3G, I can live with WiFi because my Android's hotspot is almost always on. Internet won't be an issue. But will the most popular apps -- I can't name any, because I haven't been in iOS ecosystem -- run and games perform smoothly on iPod Touch 5G? Does anyone here have an iPod Touch 5G with iOS 7?

For about 300 bucks, I can easily get a refurbished iPhone 4/4S (Siri doesn't appeal me) from local market. But I'm really not sure if I should get iPhone 4 or 4S when Apple is way forward to 5S and 5C. iPod Touch 5G, though announced last year, is the latest in the series, that's what kind of appeals me. Also I don't need another phone. I could use one, but they are really pricey.

So the bottom line, you know my purpose, for that, should I get iPhone 4/4S or iPod Touch 5G will be a better bet?

Oh and I also deeply care about the camera.