Just lost my phone, a Lumia. Should I replace it with a 920 or an iPhone 5?

Hey guys,

Yesterday while commuting around the city by monorail I did the triple tap (keys, wallet, phone) and went "WHERE'S MY PHONE?!" No one should ever go through that. So PSA, always hold on to your belongings on a crowded monorail.

So I lost my Nokia Lumia 800, a phone I got back in February 2012. It was a great phone, and it will always be in my heart. But I always felt the lack of apps, the big apps are here, yes but there were always sub-par and limited compared to the iOS or Android counterparts. And no BSI on my camera! It takes some really great shots but in low light its pretty much useless, and video capabilities are just, not 2013 standards.

So I'm running on a tight replacement budget so I can only afford past generations phones. The announcement of the 5s and 5c slashed the price of the iPhone 5 in my country by 200 dollars to RM 1999, and the 920 i can get it for around RM 1599.

I love the apps on iOS and now that iOS 7 feels more aesthetically pleasing and more WinPho like, I'm ready to jump in. On the other hand I like how I'm already so used to the 920, and the amazing build quality of Nokia. But I just don't want to go through all the waiting again for apps like Instagram and huge updates that miss out on WP (hello Whatsapp), that never arrive.

So what do you guys think?