Sold Sony Vaio Z. Next Dell M3800 or HP Zbook ?

Hi Guys,

need some laptop advise please.

Went from a 2011 Mac Air, which i loved the design but was too slow running parellels windows software.

Moved to a Sony Vaio Z (2012) loved how super fast it was, great graphics and crazy light weight. downside was very poor battery, screen imo for me bit too small 13", hated the trackpad & keyboard (i didn't buy before i bought), and the build quality felt cheap plastic, i prefer mac's aluminium.

have just sold the Vaio Z and in market for something new/fresh. Thinking 14inch, light weight and powerful, ideally windows as certain software i use but i guess could go macbook pro retina and use boot camp.

But im liking the look of the DELL M3800 and less so the HP Zbook 14

any thoughts