Why Notes in iOS 7 is the worst

So Apple made a lot of noise about removing all the skeuomorphism from their OS and they have largely done so (for better or worse). Out with the stitched leather in the Calendar, out with the rotating barrels in the Clock app, out with the green felt in Game Centre, out with the paper and marker pens in Notes... right? Maybe not.

Notes is still skeuomorphic and is now in a really ugly way. Now you maybe thinking "But they made it white...", stop and look again, look closely. It has a paper texture/effect background, not white. Look at the titles and icons... drop shadows? In a flat, smooth OS?


Why? This seems like a massive error and now you've seen it you can't unsee it (sorry).

Now I've got to find a good notes app I can sync across my iPhone, iPad and Mac automatically.