Why do people root for their OEM/system like it's a football team?

You often see users praise their OS or OEM and in the meanwhile hope for the demise of it's contenders. It's very amusing to see the level of loyalty and protectionism certain people have for these companies who in reality take your money in exchange for a product. You do know it's the competition that drives these companies and that iOS is good for Android and vice versa. From a users perspective that is. I'm sure they'd both like a Windowsy position in the phone market.

I prefer Android over iOS for many reason, the main one being the ability to download stuff and watch movies etc but I still wish iOS the best of luck, in fact I hope they add these features so my choices increase. You'll hear people saying something like 'oh they took this from Android' That's good for you buddy!

The day might come when Google gets too greedy and adds ads in OS or something similar. I want the option to switch. Hopefully WP will be a great choice if that happens.

The same goes for the phone itself. Love the HTC One I have simply for the features and qualities the phone has. LG and Samsung released some great devices this year and I hope that continuous. Make the choice hard for me and most importantly, keep improving.

So lets hope they all succeeds in making better phones and most importantly stop hating.