Can we just do a quick poll on iPhone screen size? (updated)

It's that time of the year again. Android fanboys come out of the woodwork to mercilessly bash the iPhone's 4" screen for being too microscopic. Apple fanboys feverishly come to Apple's defense and state that a 4" screen is perfection and anything bigger would be entirely unwieldy. Obviously most of this bickering comes from a loud few individuals, so I'd like to see what the majority of you guys think.

Here is a link to the poll. The question is: Which iPhone screen size would you like to see in the iPhone 6?

Personally, I'd love to see a 4.7" screen on the next iPhone. At the moment my biggest reason for staying with Android is screen size.


Summary of results so far:

122 votes.
3.5": 3, 2%
4": 32, 26%
4.3": 23, 19%
4.5": 24, 20%
4.7": 3-, 25%
5", 7, 6%
>5", 3, 2%

Total: percent of people that would like to see a larger screen on the iPhone 6:


I suspected that there were a significant number (maybe a majority) of iPhone users that would like to see a bigger screen on the iPhone. This poll is not necessarily proof but does provide some insight into what the Apple Core community is thinking.