5S random reboots

I'm not sure if it's a problem related to the 5S or if it's because of iOS 7, but I've been having problems with random reboots after closing the Pages app. Whenever I use Pages, it works fine until I close it. Immediately after I close it and I return to the home screen, my entire screen flickers blue, stays there for a second or two, and then goes directly into a reboot, black screen with the white Apple symbol and everything. I brushed it off the first time. The second time, I thought to myself, "Wait, didn't that happen last time I exited pages?" So I tried again, and it happens every single time. Has anyone else experienced this/can you recreate this problem? It's most likely an iOS 7 problem, right? It's a pretty severe issue, for the whole phone to restart every single time an app is closed, especially an app developed by Apple.