Vine Vs. Instagram: I’ll Never Be Able to Choose (and Why You Won’t Either)

Don’t get me wrong, both Vine and Instagram are amazing applications - but I will never be able to choose between the two of them. I think the secret to any application’s success is authenticity,.. An individual has to create a distinct brand and carry it through fully, which both have done quite successfully (without stepping on anyone’s toes). Vine seems to be geared towards the hipster, who’s all about living life like it’s a party and having a couple of laughs along the way. Instagram, the direct opposite - a connoisseur of once-in-a-lifetime experiences with limited laughs and more quality in memorable moments. And the reason neither will ever reign supreme - Facebook and Twitter's association to each product. It’s apple to oranges. But I will say this, a part of Vine’s popularity is the excessive use from comedians who use it as a platform. From Jimmy Tatro to others, if they were to leave the application, I don’t know about it’s popularity in the future.

As a teenage techie with my own app, I'm curious to see what you guys think. Did Twitter miss out on a huge opportunity in gaining Instagram as apart of their fleet or do you still see Vine as a rightful representation of Twitter's strategically "spur-of-the-moment" brand?

Tell me what you guys think below.

- Tywan Wade