Josh Topolsky cites "a waterproof phone" as an example of true innovation (Update: Josh responds)

Did anyone else catch this on the last episode of The Vergecast? Josh was talking about how he is generally displeased with the general lack of innovation with smartphones in general. He said he was talking to Laura June, and they were thinking "how amazing would it be if Apple released their next iPhone, and it was waterproof."

Seriously Josh? Do you really think a "waterproof" iPhone would be a shining example of exciting innovation?

So you are telling me that Apple found a way to cram a small, capacitive fingerprint sensor underneath the home button, that has the ability to read five fingers (including your cats) and unlock your phone with impeccable precision...yawn!

Are you kidding me? Lets get one thing strait...if the iPhone 5S was a complete surprise (no leaks ahead of time whatsoever), and Tim Cook got on stage and announced that the new iPhone has a fingerprint sensor, and is 64 bit...those two features alone would have blown people's mind. But with all the leaks, it is getting harder and harder to impress people. The problem is, I expect this kind of thinking out of my father-in-law...but not out of a tech journalist.

What's my point?

Fingerprint sensor: A feature that will keep people's phones mores secure, and that people will use on a daily basis...and lets get a huge marvel of modern electronic not that exciting.

Waterproof iPhone: A feature that will add little value to most people on a daily basis, except perhaps people into watersports, or those who live in rain forests...this is exciting to someone like Josh?

I wish Josh would hop on here and explain himself a little bit. I wouldn't attack you man, I just want to understand how Touch ID is not considered revolutionary to you?