Multiple reactions to an actual iPhone 5c (possibly the only one in the wild?)

I was out with a friend yesterday who was looking to get a new iPhone. Not that picky about which one - he was coming from an ancient BlackBerry so any iPhone would have been a massive upgrade - but I suggested the 5s since it was the latest and greatest and not that much more expensive than the 5c.

Every store we went to was the same story - "Sold out of 5s, but we have plenty of the 5c!" We went to about 6 different carrier stores, three Best Buys (one of which was a Best Buy Mobile) and an Apple Store. Everyone was sold out of the 5s on Friday except the Apple store, who told us they sold their last 5s sometime around 1pm that day (Saturday).

Again, since my friend isn't that tech savvy and would have been happy with any iPhone, I finally relented and allowed him to get the 5c. We ended up getting it at a Best Buy (since that was the last stop we made). The salesgirl helping us out was actually quite excited and called a few of her coworkers over, since apparently it was the first 5c anyone in the store had ever sold and they wanted to check it out.

Reactions were decidedly mixed. The salesgirl actually has a 5s as her personal phone and she had a lot of praise for the 5c, saying she thought it actually looked and felt nicer than the 5s. Some of the other salespeople preferred the extra heft over the 5s but thought it looked too childish.

To be honest, I was more in the latter camp - the phone looks and feels well-made and not "cheap," but it definitely still looks toyish, childish, however you want to describe it. It's hard to find the right word for it - "cheap" is the word I want to use but it definitely is the wrong word here, since its fine craftsmanship is immediately apparent. If you were a glass-half-full kind of person, you would say it looks "fun." A glass-half-empty person might say it looks "cartoonish." It has nothing to do with the bright colours either - I have a Cyan Lumia 920 so I'm no stranger to colour, but the Lumia looks and feels more "premium" than the 5c in my eyes. The 5c definitely looks "lesser" in person than it does in press photos and other ads, at least in my opinion.

Looking around that day, out of the thousands of people I saw in malls and elsewhere, I saw plenty of iPhones (4, 4S, 5, 5s) but not a single iPhone 5c other than the one my friend ended up buying. Sales people corroborated that feeling by outright telling me that they hadn't sold any.

Long story short, what I want to ask the forums here is, has anybody bought an iPhone 5c? Has anyone even seen a person buying one or using one?