Surface 2 = DOA, Surface Pro 2 = Great

Surface 2, too expensive, they should have reduced some in the materials and make it 349, 449, is just too expensive for that device considering it does not even have a pressure sensitive pen, what ever Microsoft says, the productivity side of the Surface 2 is as limited as the original Surface RT. Very few people use only Office for work, it can be great an all but I'm still limited to completely replace my primary working machine with it, at 449, it is too expensive for a leisure device unless you are kind of wealthy, I'm not sure how many of those do not have iPads already. Very dark panorama against 200 dollar tablets that are as fast but you can draw on plus have better and more apps.

The Surface Pro 2 in the other hand is a great value proposition for a working tablet that can be used for fun too, I assume the dock is going to cost a fortune but I'm willing to pay for it because at the end is kind of an investment. The power type cover is great too, although I guess is going to be heavy as hell, but still, much better to use that instead of battery packages, ac adapters and the like.

What do you guys think?