Ideas for a customisable Surface touch cover


So you've all seen the DJ pad cover for the Surface by now.. so the next question is how long before they make one with backlit e-paper or matte monochrome OLED. The potential just explodes if the cover could become anything and change for each app - and of course, still be a regular keyboard if needed. Flexible e-paper is already here, so it's possible to retain preassure sensitivity. I believe monochrome OLED was here a while ago too, but it has disappeared off the map lately.

We've seen similar disussions when a few keyboards appeared with programmable OLED keys. Now it's not just what's on the keys that changes.. this changes everything (literally - as far as the keyboard is concerned).

  • Super-large trackpad.
  • Numkey layout.
  • Media controls.
  • Game specific layouts.
  • Toolbars for graphics programs - any program.
  • Point of Sale devices (boring).

For whatever reason, it's a much easier idea to digest than 2 screens have ever been and I can't explain why.. maybe because this is actually really plausible. Unlike the 2-screen attempts in the past, It wouldn't double the weight and cost of the device and halve the battery life in the process. J Allard should be proud.

Anyway, I'm sure you have your own ideas. Let 'em fly in the comments.