What do you guys think of the Surface Branding?

Hey guys!

Big announcements today! Loving the color of the Surface 2 and just the all around updated specs for the Pro 2 (think it might replace my laptop). But something no one is really talking about is the change in branding for the 2nd gen Surfaces.

Both of last years models had a windows (8) logo on the kick stand.


via www.geekovation.de


via oyster.ignimgs.com (Surface RT)

This generation of Surfaces have the actual Surface Logo on the lower center of the kickstand.


via boygeniusreport.files.wordpress.com (Pro 2)


via icdn1.digitaltrends.com


via icdn4.digitaltrends.com (Surface 2) (Love this silvery white!)

To be honest I really like it. I think it looks real simple and classy. Nice, neat and direct that you know you're using a Surface Tablet. The windows logo on previous surfaces was just random, but I wonder why the change? Maybe they think they can sell more with an actual Surface logo. What do you think?

Also do you plan on getting a Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2? Any Accessories? I'm digging that new thin back lit touch cover. Let me know!

Have a good day!