Weird Nexus 7 Netflix Issues when used with Chromecast

Recently, I've had the issue where I'll use my Nexus 7 to run Netflix for Chromecast. I use USB power on my TV to power the Chromecast, so unless the TV is on, the Chromecast isn't on all of the time. If I still have Netflix running in the background on the Nexus 7 when I turn my TV on, one of two things happens, and sometimes both. Either I'll open up Netflix and the Cast button is absent, or Netflix will just sit there spinning and open completely. If it's the first scenario, I quit out of the Netflix app completely and it does the "sit and spin" thing for a long time. I usually have to completely reboot the Nexus 7 before it will work again, and when the device turns back on, my Netflix is logged out again.

Anyone else run into this issue and fix it?