iMessage - Hangouts (Hurry up Google)

Wassup Army,

It's been forever since I've posted back here. However, I have been in the comments. There are so many things I have wanted to write about but non more than Hangouts.

Remember when Dieter went to Googles campus? Were we not told that SMS intergration would be coming soon. I thought Google themselves said that.... Where is it? iMessage is awesome and leaves little reason to use a service like Kik. BBM is "Coming" but let's be honest not many care too much for that. Those who do care have there pros to use the service and the most obvious one is due to the fact that others still use BBM service not only for security, but for work.

In reality Google and Microsoft are the only two main mobile OS companies with out a messaging service for their respective platform. Am I missing something? Is Google trying to wait till 4.4 to announce hangouts with SMS and Google Voice support? Sliding messaging Pro now has Google voice support. If Google released the API for Google Hangouts I'm sure the devs would add that to their app also. While there are still other services out there like Whatsapp which are cross platform it does not have SMS intergration because that would defeat the purpose. So in conclusion, Google needs to hurry up. They can limit the the number of apps they have on their stock Nexus platform by merging some apps.

iMessage and SMS are one app. I look forward to Hangouts, SMS, & Google Voice to become one app in the very near future especially since we no longer need an OS update to update our core apps.

Thanks for reading.