Help Me win an LG G2!! I made you Unicorns!!!

Howdy Guys and Gals. (If you want to get straight to the unicorns, head to the bottom)

My NEXUS 4 took a dive on my anniversary on a surprise Kayak adventure from my Wife this past August... Bell in Canada is having a competition where the most likes today win a G2. I'm on Bell and un-employed at the moment so we can't afford to replace my phone right now. Can you click on the link, find my post under "Dave O'Dowd" and LIKE it? The question I had to answer for Bell was: "If you could control anything in your home with an LG G2, what would it be"... Like any good geek, I chose TIME!!!! (insert maniacal laughter here)

The competition is here and the video I made to get liked and explain my answer is here: