iOS 7 Facebook App still showing the old (yet redesigned) menu for me instead of the tab bar

My Facebook app is still having a sliding menu instead of the new tab bar. I've updated to version 6.5, which appears to be the newest version available on the iPhone 5 in Germany (and also in other countries).

I was wondering whether I was the only one still having that and how to switch to the newer design, because this one is driving me nuts. Because of the new global go back gesture in navigation controllers I cannot open the menu from any sub view.

As this is my personal device and I am a developer the facebook app update has been installed on iOS 7 GM (no earlier beta versions installed), but even reinstalling on iOS 7.0 changed nothing.

Does anybody know a workaround? I've been trying to find some options in the applications property lists, but there seem to be no related entries available.