If you could redesign three apps... ?

This is kind of like the three-wishes game you may have played as a child, except no wishing for a million wishes. We have all experienced frustration at developers who are lazy, behind the times, who insist on use iOS design paradigms on Android, etc. Well, imagine you were eating a KitKat bar, and out popped a #33b5e5 fairy who told you that you can now have three apps redesigned in Matias Duarte's magical #HOLO factory.

Which apps would you choose?

Here are mine:

3. FNB: A slightly obscure one to start off with. This is the app of a South African bank - the bank I use. It has an HTML interface that is absolutely dreadful: slow and ugly, with an iPhone-inspired layout. It's a bit selfish of me to pick this one, as opposed to, say, redesigning the Facebook app and improving the lives of millions of people. Unfortunately this is an app that I have to use - there is no alternative. (Unless I switched banks, which I don't want to.)

2. NFL Fantasy: A few weeks ago, I would have probably picked Winamp or something,but now that football season has started, I'm using this app more frequently, and I'm just reminded once again how terrible it is. This is another HTML app that is slow and awful and uses iOS design patterns. The fact that an organisation as rich as the NFL can't figure out how to hire some good native app developers is just mind-boggling.

And, my number one pick...

1. Instagram: Facebook is an obvious choice to redesign. But I don't actually use Facebook much, where as I do use Instagram a lot. The current design is not exactly terrible (at least not compared to the other apps on this list), but it does use a weird hybrid of Android and iOS design patterns that irritates me. I would have them redesign it in a way that keeps the the Instagram branding and layout, but looks more like a native Android app. Like one these mockups.

So that's my list. Here are some runners up: Winamp, Wikipedia, Kindle, Last.fm.