Surface Pro 2 Vs. Ativ Book 9 Plus

Hey, guys Microsoft kind of has me at a crossroads. I currently have a Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus on order, but now I'm thinking about canceling after seeing the Pro 2. Im looking for a ultraportable Windows device to replace my old HP laptop. These are my needs.

  • Note taking for Class/Work
  • Light gaming (ilomio, Spartan Assault, Angry Birds)
  • View/Edit CAD drawings
  • Decent battery life (7 hours or greater)
  • Portability (Lightweight)
  • Media consumption
  • Office

I'm a normal user so the Core i5 should suit me just fine. I just want good battery life in a premium from factor.

The Ativ Book is priced at $1399 for 4gb of RAM and a 128gb SSD (13.3 QHD Display)



Surface Pro 2 is $1299 for 8gb of RAM and a 256gb SSD + $130 Type Cover



This is what has me really leaning towards the Pro with Type Cover, because I'll basically be paying the same price for double the RAM & Storage.

What do you guys think I should do? I currently have a Surface RT and its a really nice tablet, but I need a full Windows device. Ever since I purchased my RT I’ve pretty much abandoned my laptop, outside of typing essays and a few other major assignments for work the RT is pretty much my daily driver. It has really changed my working habits.

Although with the Pro I would be sacrificing a slightly larger screen with a higher resolution, plus the classic laptop form factor of the Ativ Book 9 Plus. For those who have the current pro, how is it? does the weight/thickness bother you?

So should I keep my Ativ order or go with the Surface Pro 2 & Why.......Thanks.