Same feeling as last year....

I am a huge Surface fan, so obviously I've been keeping up with all the latest tech articles about the upcoming Surface models. And after visiting all my typical tech news sites I have the same feeling that I had last October.... The media will try and screw any chance that the Surface would have had to succeed.

Every article I read the tone is the same....downplaying the new Surfaces as just a yearly update and casting that "We'll see...." feeling over every sentence instead of simply saying "Look at this cool new device." The iPad would have been praised for shaving off a millimeter or increasing the screen resolution, or even considered a work of art by simply altering the logo on the back. Even though all these facts about the new Surfaces are reported correctly, each sentence is followed by a "But that doesn't fix the issues that we had with app selection, or the operating system, etc." Unless reporters are going start knocking points off future iPad reviews for not having usb support, hdmi out, a kickstand, viable word processing, typing input, multiple accounts, file management, useful interchangeable peripherals, running multiple apps, and a higher price tag, they cannot deduct points from the Surface for having one-fifth the apps.

I am not saying that the iPad needs all the things that the Surface has. I am saying they are two different devices with different strengths and weaknesses that happen to be competing in the same market. As tech journalists talking about or reviewing a certain product, it is not their job to let market share or past company failures impact the customer's view of the product. That should be saved for talking about THE COMPANY, not the PRODUCT. If you want to post an article about Microsoft's 900 million dollar write off or the market share of Windows RT that is fine. But the fact is ANY company in ANY situation can still produce a great product, and since tech writers should praise innovation of all kinds, they should be hopeful when writing about new products rather than talking about how it will most likely fail like past events.

You can't write a report on your iPad, I can't play Candy Crush on my Surface. You can't play Spartan Assault on your tablet, I can't use Square with mine. When the information is presented straight forward, customers can make the choice for themselves. I understand that harsh, negative articles get more views, but please... stop the bull shit. Let a product besides your precious MBA and iPad have a shot at getting in consumer's hands.