Jumping from 2.3 to 4.3 tomorrow!

Hello guys!

Great news here! Tomorrow I'm getting a new phone, which is white Nexus 4 :) I'm finally saying bye bye to my first Android phone, which is Galaxy Ace running Cyanogenmod 7.2 based on Android 2.3.

Finally I will get:

  • new Gmail, not this:


  • whole new system with better stability
  • high end phone, so I can easily use heavy apps and games (but I still don't like playing on a smartphone)
  • working battery, because i.e. on my Galaxy Ace two days ago after taking 2 photos and sending one of them to Facebook my battery status went to 25%
  • Google Keep
  • video in Instagram!
  • HD screen
  • good camera with HD video, which is MUCH MORE better than 320x240 and partially working 640x480 on Ace with freezes
  • no more black screen when there is a call
  • no more "there aren't enough space on your phone to install / update this app"
  • front camera
  • Google Now
  • no more Facebook loading 2 minutes
So I'm pretty excited! Do you have any tips for my new phone, any recommended apps that are only available for devices running newest Android versions? Maybe some tips for Nexus 4? Extra not-so-known features of Android 4.3?