The only problem of Windows RT/ Surface 2 can only be fixed with apps/time

The tech media and people who follow tech like to tell people that Surface 2 and Windows RT are DOA, and they don't make sense, MS should kill it, it's confusing to users, the price is too high. The reason they are saying that is literally because of applications. It is nothing else than that. I'm not saying that people will not buy a Surface. What I am saying is that the reason is nothing more than applications.

Microsoft is in a tough position right now because iPad does have the tablet market and you are in the chicken and the egg thing with developers and user base. That chicken and the egg problem is the reason why Windows 8 is what it is. It's to get as many people as possible on a platform that uses the same codebase as Windows RT. Create apps for Windows 8, have minimal change to Windows RT. Very simple concept. They can't keep ARM out of it because when they want OEM to make hardware at lower prices with experience expectations, Intel isn't there for them. They are getting there but aren't there. Great apps do take time to make, so you won't see them as quickly as iPad since this is a new immature architecture that developers have to deal with where as iOS is mature.

To the confusion part. The confusion will end when the apps are there, it is that simple. You don't have to go to the desktop in Windows really don't...unless you want to use Office or desktop IE. The future is the Windows app store and I'm going to guess that's what MS is banking on. Once you have the apps in place, who cares for the desktop besides experts in a domain who have software for that domain...and that is until there is a better Metro app for said app.

The price issue compared to an iPad is because the iPad has the apps, if they had the same apps, Surface 2 would be a product that has more features (which is currently does) and can do everything an iPad could do. What MS is betting is that the app issue will go away so that their tablet becomes more attractive.

Microsoft's problem is that they need to either make apps or get exclusive great apps on their platform to entice users to switch while also slowly rolling in the main apps that people use (going to be hard to get local apps) on their iPads, on Windows RT/8.