What do you use every day?

I use the following:

Home Computing - Homemade desktop gaming rig running Windows 8.

Mobile Computing - Surface Pro 1 with a rigged dock until I can get the new dock for personal computing on the go and at work. Currently running 8.1 preview.

Work Computing - Dell laptop on Windows 7. I would use my Pro if I could but unfortunately, it's not supported by our IT department. Pretty much only use it to access work email and to use Civil 3D 2013.

Mobile Phone - iPhone 5S 64gb. My company doesn't support Windows Phones, so to me the iPhones work just fine. The only thing that was pissing me off was the lack of XBOX Music, but that's been partially rectified (still needs support for offline playback).

Home Entertainment - XBOX 360 and PS3. I use the 360 for almost everything. I rent and buy anything that's not in 3D, I use XBOX Music and love it. I've pre-ordered the XBOX One and am looking forward to it. I want more out of the system than just gaming. Of course I also had to pre-order the PS4 .. what's life without Uncharted?

Personally, I would love to upgrade to the Pro 2 but I just can't justify the expense at this point. The Pro 1 is such a good device in my opinion and I really don't have a problem with the battery. I just got back from a trip to Europe (from western Canada) and I worried that I would have an issue on the flight, but most airlines now have wall jacks at the seats for charging. It's not ideal, but it did mean that I had power for the full 9 hours of HD movie playback. Drive space isn't an issue because I use a Seagate slim 500 gb drive. Again, not ideal, but it does allow me to take a lot of content with me for a reasonable price.

If I could get rid of the work laptop, I would. The Pro line is almost good enough, but Civil 3D just bogs down some of the best laptops.

What does everyone else use? Does it work for you? I don't mind crossing the fence on a few devices if they work for me. I love MS, but they are not the only game in town. I try to pick the things that work best for me.