Apple and the iPhone are "hipster" brands, apparently

I just wanted address something that I think a lot of us have noticed. Apparently, there is this widespread perception among many Android fans that Apple is some kind of exclusive "hipster" brand, that caters to a largely "hipster" audience.

Now, this bothers me on so many levels. First, Apple has 40% of the U.S. smartphone market. 40% of the smartphone market can't possibly be what would be considered hipster. It is the Coca-Cola of smartphones. Hundreds of millions of iPhones are used by regular people every day around the world. Not everybody can afford one, but tens of millions more will go for one this year, versus last year.

I challenge those who insist Apple is a hipster brand to go to their grocery store, mall, or their own workplace and spot all of the iPhone users. Now, tell me, how varied was that group of people? Likely very diverse.

That leads me to ask what most of these people think is a hipster. Is it everybody under 25 who isn't wearing dad jeans and or doesn't cut their own hair? In other words, does fashionable or young automatically mean hipster?