interesting sub $400 computers appearing for windows 8

New laptops are coming out at the sub $400 price point with awesome specs. Computers such as the Asus Transformer book T100 and now the Dell Inspirion 11 3000 series. Both computers have a way better battery life. What makes these computers different than the others in the same price range are their "premium" features. They both have great battery life and also have a touchscreen. At this price point those features weren't there. The T100 is a convertible as well which is another feature that makes me think why didn't they do this before. The Inspirion measures only 0.83 inches (21.2mm) thin, weighs a little over 3 pounds (3.15 lbs.) This is another "premium" feature that makes me wonder why now? Why are manufacturers only just releasing compelling products at this price range? Do you guys think these features are new to this price point? Would you buy these comps or recommend them to someone else? All I know is that i will be selling my asus s200e for something with a better battery life and higher res.