What happened to my MS Points?

Yeah, I know what was about to happens with Microsoft Points... They would be converting points to users' local currencies.

"Microsoft says that existing Points will be converted into an "equal ... or greater" value of each user's local currency"

But I'm wondering what is happening to my points. I don't have a Xbox 360 and I used te points to buy music on Xbox Music app for Windows 8. I though my points would be converted too, but it didn't happened. Before, when I went to bought one music, it used to gave me the option to pay with Microsoft Points:


But now, and it's been like this since last month, it shows my credit card as the only option. Look:


On Microsoft Billing page (http://commerce.microsoft.com/) my points are still shown, but it seems to be locked and unable to use. Look:


Even on Manage Payment Options on Xbox.com, where my pontis were shown, now it doesn't appear anymore.


I prefer using points than credit card to buy musics, for example. But it's not about liking it or not, it's about I have some points yet and I want to use them.

Any ideas of what is going on here?

PS: I'm brazilian, that's why the screens are in portuguese.
PS2: I'm not mad or angry, I just want to know what's happening.
PS3: Haters, just get off.