Appreciating Samsung

Today a lot has been made about how shameless Samsung is. I agree, Samsung is a pretty disgusting company, but their lack of shame and respect is what makes them great.

Look at Nokia and RIM, they had standards and pride, that stopped them from seeing the upcoming change in the mobile sector.

Samsung has none of those things.

Samsung is the perfect OEM.

All samsung needs to know is how much money will this make me. If windows phone somehow becomes more popular that android. Samsung will drop android on a dime. And stab google in its sleep if it could.

The world needs shameless OEMs like samsung, their lack of respect and loyalty leads to better innovation.

I propose a new Samsung motto:

"Samsung: Shameless and proud" - We do what you do, expect cheaper and with less quality.

Nokia and RIM could of learn something, HTC pay attention and get shameless. You should of released a gold htc one with a ios skin yesterday.