Nokia's 6 new devices (speculation)

The Verge revealed not too long ago that Nokia plans to launch a flurry of devices at Nokia World Oct 22nd. Itchy fingers couldn't hold my desire to speculate.

My best guesses;

The Obvious;

Lumia 1520: We have had enough leaks about this device to know it is at the top of the list.

Lumia 929: Yes it is a regional device (i.e. Verizon in the USA) but it is Nokia World. I dont think the location of the event would in anyway make the company hold back on announcing this device and if I recall correctly, the Lumia 928 didnt have a BIG event for it. it was just announced on Nokia conversations blog.

Lumia 2520: I'm still a little skeptical about this one but I'll rely on the leaks to say this is a high possibility

Asha 500: The folks at evleaks shared a picture of this device. What better event to launch this and showcase the evolution of the Asha brand?

The Maybes;

Lumia 5XX: I am pretty optimistic that we will see the launch of a 5XX device for two reasons. Nokia seems to be on a 6 month refresh schedule for their product tiers (think 620 and then 625. 920 and then 925) and so I'd expect a refresh for the 5XX line.

Reason number two is more about how successful the lumia 520 has been. It makes perfect sense to build on that success and release another great budget device for the holiday season.

Lumia 8XX: A long stretch but like with my reasoning for the 5XX device, a Lumia 825 seems like the next phase of the 8XX series. The 820 was launched with the 920 last year, it is ready for a refresh and knowing Nokia and how they move tech down vertically, one might find the new 825 spot a pureview camera, 720p screen and a thinner lumia 720ish profile.

The Outliers:

New low end S40 devices: Highly doubt if they'd launch such especially since we have seen them launch about 6 in the last 4 months four of which are not even on sale yet (108, 515, 107, 106, 208 and 207)

What are your thoughts/speculations on what Nokia has in store for us at Nokia world?