What Microsoft Should Do To Fix Windows 8

The following is what I think Microsoft needs to do to save Windows 8.

  • Windows 8 RT should ONLY have the touch interface. NO desktop on RT
  • Add File Explorer to Windows RT
  • Windows 8 Pro should ONLY have desktop mode. No touch interface at all.
  • Change up look of Windows 8 pro (version with only desktop) to be slightly more metro-like
  • Keep legacy app compatibility on ONLY windows 8 pro
  • Windows RT can ONLY run on touch screens. It should run on mostly tablets, with MAYBE the occasional laptop.
  • Windows 8 Pro can ONLY run on laptops and desktops. NO exceptions
  • Make a full touch version of Microsoft Office

Lets, face it. The future is not post PC plus. Not because Microsoft was wrong, but because Apple has the following and influence to make its vision the one that is adopted. Microsoft needs to begin its transition to post PC. In my vision for Microsoft, for those who still need legacy and powerful desktop apps, there is a product for you that Microsoft should spend equal attention on. For those who want tablet computing, there is a beautiful elegant option for you as well. Yes, some people may want both of these types of computing at once, but as we've learned, they don't work very well on the same device.
Wake up Microsoft, you can still make a product everyone loves.