Josh, Niley, and David's criticisms of iOS 7 are bizarre!

Honestly, I was listening to the Vergecast the other day, and Topolsky and crew were pretty harsh on iOS 7. They scored it a 7.8/10, and although they seem to feel that their criticisms are justified, I think they are succumbing to the mob mentality. Lets get real, it is in vogue to switch to android these days, and from what I understand all three of these guys use android as their main devices...and that's fine! But to score ios 7 lower than iOS 6 seems more like surrendering to some sort of negative mass psychology than to the reality of the OS.

Their main criticisms seem to be cosmetic as well as the overall "sluggishness" of the animations, which I believe was a criticism started by Gruber or Arment? This concept has spread like wildfire, and whether or not it is true, the general consensus has concluded that the animations need to be sped up. As far as the icons, and blur, and general look of iOS 7...this is a matter of taste. But most people don't seem to mind it, and I'd be willing to bet that a study would conclude that most people actually prefer it.

Those things aside, iOS 7 is iOS 6...with tons of benefits.

-Multitasking is now a card view like WebOS. A huge improvement.

-Apps update themselves in the background. Again, huge especially for my wife who always has 27 updates pending.

-What about the fact that my podcast apps automatically cache and download podcasts in the background without me having to do anything. I listen to 35 podcasts a week, this feature alone is a game changer.

-Contol Center quick acess to wifi, Bluetooth. Yes, they need to let the quick acess to apps be user programmable.

-unlimited apps in folders

The list goes on and on. I just find it bizarre that the crew, lead by Josh gave this update such criticism. iOS 6 was getting so stale, it needed a visual refresh. This in and of itself was a huge undertaking. It is likely that iOS 8 will be heavy in features.

I have to say...I think Josh, Niley, and David. are just plain wrong about iOS 7. Their opinions are out of touch with reality. Love or hate the design decisions of iOS 7, this OS has all of the functionality of iOS 6 and a bunch of other huge additions. Why score it lower?

I've lost a bit of faith in these guys. I think they are off the mark with iOS 7.