N7 & N4 Wireless charging car mod project


So I recently got myself a 2004 Nissan Maxima.

This is what the centre console looks like stock


via media.wheels.ca

Anyways, when I bought the Nexus 7 I placed in front of the screen and it was a perfect fit. I decided to open it all up and move the screen to a lower position. (I lost one of those map pockets but whatever)


After all that I decided I was left with this:


So i decided to install my N4 qi wireless charger in there. It's pretty ghetto really, I bought some cardboard, some felt and a pvc pipe for support taped it all together and:


Gave it power by soldering a micro usb cable down the back. Placed it in the huge space while resting the end of the pvc pipe onto an inner lip:



Best part is, my N4 fits nicely as well and because of the rubber lip I created to help the N7 slide in, it isn't free to move around.


When I took these pictures the soldering wasn't done which is why they aren't charging in the photos.

Anyways, thought I'd share, hope you guys liked it

Let me know what you guys think!